cupyx.scipy.signal.ss2zpk(A, B, C, D, input=0)[source]#

State-space representation to zero-pole-gain representation.

A, B, C, D defines a linear state-space system with p inputs, q outputs, and n state variables.

  • A (array_like) – State (or system) matrix of shape (n, n)

  • B (array_like) – Input matrix of shape (n, p)

  • C (array_like) – Output matrix of shape (q, n)

  • D (array_like) – Feedthrough (or feedforward) matrix of shape (q, p)

  • input (int, optional) – For multiple-input systems, the index of the input to use.


  • z, p (sequence) – Zeros and poles.

  • k (float) – System gain.