cupy.random.choice(a, size=None, replace=True, p=None)[source]#

Returns an array of random values from a given 1-D array.

Each element of the returned array is independently sampled from a according to p or uniformly.


Currently p is not supported when replace=False.

  • a (1-D array-like or int) – If an array-like, a random sample is generated from its elements. If an int, the random sample is generated as if a was cupy.arange(n)

  • size (int or tuple of ints) – The shape of the array.

  • replace (boolean) – Whether the sample is with or without replacement.

  • p (1-D array-like) – The probabilities associated with each entry in a. If not given the sample assumes a uniform distribution over all entries in a.


An array of a values distributed according to p or uniformly.

Return type:


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