cupyx.signal.pulse_compression(x, template, normalize=False, window=None, nfft=None)[source]#

Pulse Compression is used to increase the range resolution and SNR by performing matched filtering of the transmitted pulse (template) with the received signal (x)

  • x (ndarray) – Received signal, assume 2D array with [num_pulses, sample_per_pulse]

  • template (ndarray) – Transmitted signal, assume 1D array

  • normalize (bool) – Normalize transmitted signal

  • window (array_like, callable, string, float, or tuple, optional) – Specifies the window applied to the signal in the Fourier domain.

  • nfft (int, size of FFT for pulse compression. Default is number of) – samples per pulse


compressedIQ – Pulse compressed output

Return type: