cupyx.scipy.signal.band_stop_obj(wp, ind, passb, stopb, gpass, gstop, type)[source]#

Band Stop Objective Function for order minimization.

Returns the non-integer order for an analog band stop filter.

  • wp (scalar) – Edge of passband passb.

  • ind (int, {0, 1}) – Index specifying which passb edge to vary (0 or 1).

  • passb (ndarray) – Two element sequence of fixed passband edges.

  • stopb (ndarray) – Two element sequence of fixed stopband edges.

  • gstop (float) – Amount of attenuation in stopband in dB.

  • gpass (float) – Amount of ripple in the passband in dB.

  • type ({'butter', 'cheby', 'ellip'}) – Type of filter.


n – Filter order (possibly non-integer).

Return type: