cupyx.scipy.ndimage.spline_filter1d(input, order=3, axis=-1, output=<class 'numpy.float64'>, mode='mirror')[source]#

Calculate a 1-D spline filter along the given axis.

The lines of the array along the given axis are filtered by a spline filter. The order of the spline must be >= 2 and <= 5.

  • input (cupy.ndarray) – The input array.

  • order (int) – The order of the spline interpolation, default is 3. Must be in the range 0-5.

  • axis (int) – The axis along which the spline filter is applied. Default is the last axis.

  • output (cupy.ndarray or dtype, optional) – The array in which to place the output, or the dtype of the returned array. Default is numpy.float64.

  • mode (str) – Points outside the boundaries of the input are filled according to the given mode ('constant', 'nearest', 'mirror', 'reflect', 'wrap', 'grid-mirror', 'grid-wrap', 'grid-constant' or 'opencv').


The result of prefiltering the input.

Return type:


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