cupyx.scipy.ndimage.fourier_uniform(input, size, n=-1, axis=-1, output=None)[source]#

Multidimensional uniform shift filter.

The array is multiplied with the Fourier transform of a box of given size.

  • input (cupy.ndarray) – The input array.

  • size (float or sequence of float) – The sigma of the box used for filtering. If a float, size is the same for all axes. If a sequence, size has to contain one value for each axis.

  • n (int, optional) – If n is negative (default), then the input is assumed to be the result of a complex fft. If n is larger than or equal to zero, the input is assumed to be the result of a real fft, and n gives the length of the array before transformation along the real transform direction.

  • axis (int, optional) – The axis of the real transform (only used when n > -1).

  • output (cupy.ndarray, optional) – If given, the result of shifting the input is placed in this array.


The filtered output.

Return type:

output (cupy.ndarray)