cupy.partition(a, kth, axis=-1)[source]#

Returns a partitioned copy of an array.

Creates a copy of the array whose elements are rearranged such that the value of the element in k-th position would occur in that position in a sorted array. All of the elements before the new k-th element are less than or equal to the elements after the new k-th element.

  • a (cupy.ndarray) – Array to be sorted.

  • kth (int or sequence of ints) – Element index to partition by. If supplied with a sequence of k-th it will partition all elements indexed by k-th of them into their sorted position at once.

  • axis (int or None) – Axis along which to sort. Default is -1, which means sort along the last axis. If None is supplied, the array is flattened before sorting.


Array of the same type and shape as a.

Return type: