cupyx.scipy.ndimage.map_coordinates(input, coordinates, output=None, order=None, mode='constant', cval=0.0, prefilter=True)[source]

Map the input array to new coordinates by interpolation.

The array of coordinates is used to find, for each point in the output, the corresponding coordinates in the input. The value of the input at those coordinates is determined by spline interpolation of the requested order.

The shape of the output is derived from that of the coordinate array by dropping the first axis. The values of the array along the first axis are the coordinates in the input array at which the output value is found.

  • input (cupy.ndarray) – The input array.

  • coordinates (array_like) – The coordinates at which input is evaluated.

  • output (cupy.ndarray or dtype) – The array in which to place the output, or the dtype of the returned array.

  • order (int) – The order of the spline interpolation. If it is not given, order 1 is used. It is different from scipy.ndimage and can change in the future. Currently it supports only order 0 and 1.

  • mode (str) – Points outside the boundaries of the input are filled according to the given mode ('constant', 'nearest', 'mirror' or 'opencv'). Default is 'constant'.

  • cval (scalar) – Value used for points outside the boundaries of the input if mode='constant' or mode='opencv'. Default is 0.0

  • prefilter (bool) – It is not used yet. It just exists for compatibility with scipy.ndimage.


The result of transforming the input. The shape of the output is derived from that of coordinates by dropping the first axis.

Return type