cupyx.scipy.signal.zpk2sos(z, p, k, pairing=None, *, analog=False)[source]#

Return second-order sections from zeros, poles, and gain of a system

  • z (array_like) – Zeros of the transfer function.

  • p (array_like) – Poles of the transfer function.

  • k (float) – System gain.

  • pairing ({None, 'nearest', 'keep_odd', 'minimal'}, optional) – The method to use to combine pairs of poles and zeros into sections. If analog is False and pairing is None, pairing is set to ‘nearest’; if analog is True, pairing must be ‘minimal’, and is set to that if it is None.

  • analog (bool, optional) – If True, system is analog, otherwise discrete.


sos – Array of second-order filter coefficients, with shape (n_sections, 6). See sosfilt for the SOS filter format specification.

Return type: