Interpolation (cupyx.scipy.interpolate)#

Univariate interpolation#

BarycentricInterpolator(xi[, yi, axis])

The interpolating polynomial for a set of points.

KroghInterpolator(xi, yi[, axis])

Interpolating polynomial for a set of points.

barycentric_interpolate(xi, yi, x[, axis])

Convenience function for polynomial interpolation.

krogh_interpolate(xi, yi, x[, der, axis])

Convenience function for polynomial interpolation

pchip_interpolate(xi, yi, x[, der, axis])

Convenience function for pchip interpolation.

CubicHermiteSpline(x, y, dydx[, axis, ...])

Piecewise-cubic interpolator matching values and first derivatives.

PchipInterpolator(x, y[, axis, extrapolate])

PCHIP 1-D monotonic cubic interpolation.

Akima1DInterpolator(x, y[, axis])

Akima interpolator

PPoly(c, x[, extrapolate, axis])

Piecewise polynomial in terms of coefficients and breakpoints The polynomial between x[i] and x[i + 1] is written in the local power basis.

BPoly(c, x[, extrapolate, axis])

Piecewise polynomial in terms of coefficients and breakpoints.

1-D Splines#

BSpline(t, c, k[, extrapolate, axis])

Univariate spline in the B-spline basis.

make_interp_spline(x, y[, k, t, bc_type, ...])

Compute the (coefficients of) interpolating B-spline.

splder(tck[, n])

Compute the spline representation of the derivative of a given spline

splantider(tck[, n])

Compute the spline for the antiderivative (integral) of a given spline.

Multivariate interpolation#

RBFInterpolator(y, d[, neighbors, ...])

Radial basis function (RBF) interpolation in N dimensions.

interpn(points, values, xi[, method, ...])

Multidimensional interpolation on regular or rectilinear grids.

RegularGridInterpolator(points, values[, ...])

Interpolation on a regular or rectilinear grid in arbitrary dimensions.