cupy.cuda.nvtx.RangePushC(message, uint32_t color=0)#

Starts a nested range.

Ranges are used to describe events over a time span during execution of the application. This is particularly useful when profiling with Nsight Systems to help connect user-specified ranges with CuPy’s internal CUDA-kernels. The duration of a range is defined by the corresponding pair of RangePushC() to RangePop() calls, which can be nested.

from cupy.cuda.nvtx import RangePushC, RangePop

RangePush("Nested Powers of A")
for i in range(N):
    RangePushC("Iter {}: Double A".format(i))
    A = 2*A
  • message (str) – Name of a range.

  • color (uint32) – ARGB color for a range.