cupyx.scipy.sparse.linalg.spsolve_triangular(A, b, lower=True, overwrite_A=False, overwrite_b=False, unit_diagonal=False)[source]#

Solves a sparse triangular system A x = b.

  • A (cupyx.scipy.sparse.spmatrix) – Sparse matrix with dimension (M, M).

  • b (cupy.ndarray) – Dense vector or matrix with dimension (M) or (M, K).

  • lower (bool) – Whether A is a lower or upper trinagular matrix. If True, it is lower triangular, otherwise, upper triangular.

  • overwrite_A (bool) – (not supported)

  • overwrite_b (bool) – Allows overwriting data in b.

  • unit_diagonal (bool) – If True, diagonal elements of A are assumed to be 1 and will not be referenced.


Solution to the system A x = b. The shape is the same as b.

Return type: