cupyx.scipy.signal.order_filter(a, domain, rank)[source]#

Perform an order filter on an N-D array.

Perform an order filter on the array in. The domain argument acts as a mask centered over each pixel. The non-zero elements of domain are used to select elements surrounding each input pixel which are placed in a list. The list is sorted, and the output for that pixel is the element corresponding to rank in the sorted list.

  • a (cupy.ndarray) – The N-dimensional input array.

  • domain (cupy.ndarray) – A mask array with the same number of dimensions as a. Each dimension should have an odd number of elements.

  • rank (int) – A non-negative integer which selects the element from the sorted list (0 corresponds to the smallest element).


The results of the order filter in an array with the same shape as a.

Return type: