cupy.concatenate(tup, axis=0, out=None, *, dtype=None, casting='same_kind')[source]#

Joins arrays along an axis.

  • tup (sequence of arrays) – Arrays to be joined. All of these should have same dimensionalities except the specified axis.

  • axis (int or None) – The axis to join arrays along. If axis is None, arrays are flattened before use. Default is 0.

  • out (cupy.ndarray) – Output array.

  • dtype (str or dtype) – If provided, the destination array will have this dtype. Cannot be provided together with out.

  • casting ({‘no’, ‘equiv’, ‘safe’, ‘same_kind’, ‘unsafe’}, optional) – Controls what kind of data casting may occur. Defaults to 'same_kind'.


Joined array.

Return type: