cupyx.scipy.interpolate.barycentric_interpolate(xi, yi, x, axis=0)[source]#

Convenience function for polynomial interpolation.

Constructs a polynomial that passes through a given set of points, then evaluates the polynomial. For reasons of numerical stability, this function does not compute the coefficients of the polynomial.

  • xi (cupy.ndarray) – 1-D array of coordinates of the points the polynomial should pass through

  • yi (cupy.ndarray) – y-coordinates of the points the polynomial should pass through

  • x (scalar or cupy.ndarray) – Points to evaluate the interpolator at

  • axis (int, optional) – Axis in the yi array corresponding to the x-coordinate values


y – Interpolated values. Shape is determined by replacing the interpolation axis in the original array with the shape x

Return type:

scalar or cupy.ndarray