cupyx.scipy.sparse.csgraph.connected_components(csgraph, directed=True, connection='weak', return_labels=True)[source]#

Analyzes the connected components of a sparse graph

  • csgraph (cupy.ndarray of cupyx.scipy.sparse.csr_matrix) – The adjacency matrix representing connectivity among nodes.

  • directed (bool) – If True, it operates on a directed graph. If False, it operates on an undirected graph.

  • connection (str) – 'weak' or 'strong'. For directed graphs, the type of connection to use. Nodes i and j are “strongly” connected only when a path exists both from i to j and from j to i. If directed is False, this argument is ignored.

  • return_labels (bool) – If True, it returns the labels for each of the connected components.


If return_labels == True, returns a tuple (n, labels), where n is the number of connected components and labels is labels of each connected components. Otherwise, returns n.

Return type:

tuple of int and cupy.ndarray, or int