cupyx.scipy.fft.ifht(A, dln, mu, offset=0.0, bias=0.0)[source]#

Compute the inverse fast Hankel transform.

Computes the discrete inverse Hankel transform of a logarithmically spaced periodic sequence. This is the inverse operation to fht.

  • A (cupy.ndarray (..., n)) – Real periodic input array, uniformly logarithmically spaced. For multidimensional input, the transform is performed over the last axis.

  • dln (float) – Uniform logarithmic spacing of the input array.

  • mu (float) – Order of the Hankel transform, any positive or negative real number.

  • offset (float, optional) – Offset of the uniform logarithmic spacing of the output array.

  • bias (float, optional) – Exponent of power law bias, any positive or negative real number.


a – The transformed output array, which is real, periodic, uniformly logarithmically spaced, and of the same shape as the input array.

Return type:

cupy.ndarray (…, n)

See also



Return an optimal offset for fht.