class, color_id=None, argb_color=None, sync=False)[source]

Decorator to mark function calls with range in NVIDIA profiler

Decorated function calls are marked as ranges in NVIDIA profiler timeline.

>>> from cupy import prof
... def function_to_profile():
...     pass
  • message (str) – Name of a range, default use func.__name__.

  • color_id – range color ID

  • argb_color – range color in ARGB (e.g. 0xFF00FF00 for green)

  • sync (bool) – If True, waits for completion of all outstanding processing on GPU before calling cupy.cuda.nvtx.RangePush() or cupy.cuda.nvtx.RangePop()



Call self as a function.

__exit__(exc_type, exc_value, traceback)[source]