cupy.logspace(start, stop, num=50, endpoint=True, base=10.0, dtype=None)[source]#

Returns an array with evenly-spaced values on a log-scale.

Instead of specifying the step width like cupy.arange(), this function requires the total number of elements specified.

  • start – Start of the interval.

  • stop – End of the interval.

  • num – Number of elements.

  • endpoint (bool) – If True, the stop value is included as the last element. Otherwise, the stop value is omitted.

  • base (float) – Base of the log space. The step sizes between the elements on a log-scale are the same as base.

  • dtype – Data type specifier. It is inferred from the start and stop arguments by default.


The 1-D array of ranged values.

Return type


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