Data type routines#

can_cast(from_, to[, casting])

Returns True if cast between data types can occur according to the casting rule.


Returns the type that results from applying the NumPy type promotion rules to the arguments.


Return a scalar type which is common to the input arrays.

promote_types (alias of numpy.promote_types())

min_scalar_type (alias of numpy.min_scalar_type())

obj2sctype (alias of numpy.obj2sctype())

Creating data types#

dtype (alias of numpy.dtype)

format_parser (alias of numpy.format_parser)

Data type information#

finfo (alias of numpy.finfo)

iinfo (alias of numpy.iinfo)

MachAr (alias of numpy.MachAr)

Data type testing#

issctype (alias of numpy.issctype())

issubdtype (alias of numpy.issubdtype())

issubsctype (alias of numpy.issubsctype())

issubclass_ (alias of numpy.issubclass_())

find_common_type (alias of numpy.find_common_type())


typename (alias of numpy.typename())

sctype2char (alias of numpy.sctype2char())

mintypecode (alias of numpy.mintypecode())